Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I won! I won!

I wanted to let everyone know I won the beautiful fall painting over at Stephanie Brown Design. She had a great giveaway recently and I won this painting:

Stephanie is so talented and I am enjoying her blog so much. I am so inspired by her. Everyone should go over & subscribe & follow her. Well, I know exactly where I am going to display my painting once I receive it. I will post a pic of it then. Thanks again Stephanie!



Monday, November 22, 2010

My first painting project post

Well, I have finally finished some projects that I have been working on and wanted to share one with you. I do not think I'm the best artist, crafter, or decorator, however I am proud of the projects I complete. The first one I would like to share is a painting I started last year, yes I said last year, for my son. I started it and kept putting it down thinking, Oh, this looks terrible I can't hang this up and let anyone see it. Then my bossy sister came over (warning: your probably going to hear a lot about my bossy sister) and said "Why isn't this hanging up on Seth's door?" while she held up the painting. So, I made some final touches on it & then with my mothers help, hung it on Seth's door to his room.

I know it's nothing special, but I sure had fun painting it and he was very surprised when he came home & saw it on his door. I love to make him smile! Oh, and I also love my bossy sister very much! ; )

Love, April

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Working out His Best for Us

In a recent post, I mentioned that I wanted to share with you some of the cards I received while I was in the hospital and rehabilitation center. I have them in a big box and have been looking through them over the past several weeks. I also have a banner that was made for my hospital room wall and a t-shirt from my chorus teacher and class that everyone signed. I have so many other things that people sent or brought me. My family put the banners and signs on the walls and placed the gifts and plants around the room. As the days went by, I received more and more cards, so I decided to put them on the walls also. I wanted to be able to see them and get encouragement. That way I would also be able to see how many people were thinking about me and praying for me.
I remember very little of the first few days in the hospital in Jackson. My parents told me that tons and tons of people came to visit me. I remember some visitors, but unfortunately I do not remember others. I am sure my critical status and the medications had a lot to do with it. I still see people that tell me "I came to see you in the hospital after your wreck, Don't you remember?" Most of the time I have to say that I don't. I'm sorry. That is why I am so glad I kept all of these cards.
I received cards and letters from family members, friends, friends of friends, friends of family members, family members of friends, friends of family members of friends, and I could keep going. I am not joking or playing. I think I received cards from everyone I know and from many people I had never met. I also received prayer grams and cards from local and non-local churches. It was unbelievable how many people cared about me to take the time to send a simple card that would lift up my hopes during that critical time in my life. My heart has been touched so much that tears are rolling down my face as I type these words right now. I cannot think of the words to say that would express how thankful I am for these cards, letters, and especially the prayers. I hope the words "Thank You" would be acceptable. It was obvious the word was getting around about the accident and many prayers were going up to God for my recovery. He was definitely listening!
My parents told me the doctors were only concerned about keeping me alive for the first several days. Once I made it through that very critical time, they began to focus on the spinal cord injury. Unfortunately, the doctors decided it was time for me to move on to a rehabilitation center. So, my parents began looking for the best place for me to be transferred. After much research and many visits, my parents decided for me to transfer to Mississippi Methodist Rehabilitation Center (MMRC). This was a very, scary time for me. I had not really understood yet that MMRC was not a hospital and they did not do things like a hospital. At MMRC there were only semi-private rooms so I had to stay in a room with someone I had never met and knew nothing about. Remember, I was only sixteen at this time and I wanted my momma by my side twenty-four seven. Also, I was still bed bound with sand bags on both sides of my head.
I would like to end this post by sharing with you one of the cards that helped lift my spirits. It still has the tape on it were I had it taped on the wall over my bed. On the front there is a quote by Roy Lessin "There are many mysteries in life, many things we don't understand: God doesn't always tell us how He's working out His plan. But in His time and in His way He clearly lets us know He's working out His best for us because He loves us so."
WOW! That is so true! I did not have a clue of what He had in store for me. With the prognosis the doctors gave me, things just seemed so bad. I kept praying for things to get better and thinking that it just had to get better. I believe my faith helped me to keep that thought, however I don't know if I could have imagined my life would ever be as great as it is now. Do not ever forget God is in control and no matter how hard or tough times get, He's always working toward the best for us even if we are unable to see it or understand it at that particular time. Until next time, thanks for reading!


Fireflies and Jellybeans: Giveaway!! $50 of Silhouette products!!!!!

Fireflies and Jellybeans: Giveaway!! $50 of Silhouette products!!!!!

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