Monday, November 22, 2010

My first painting project post

Well, I have finally finished some projects that I have been working on and wanted to share one with you. I do not think I'm the best artist, crafter, or decorator, however I am proud of the projects I complete. The first one I would like to share is a painting I started last year, yes I said last year, for my son. I started it and kept putting it down thinking, Oh, this looks terrible I can't hang this up and let anyone see it. Then my bossy sister came over (warning: your probably going to hear a lot about my bossy sister) and said "Why isn't this hanging up on Seth's door?" while she held up the painting. So, I made some final touches on it & then with my mothers help, hung it on Seth's door to his room.

I know it's nothing special, but I sure had fun painting it and he was very surprised when he came home & saw it on his door. I love to make him smile! Oh, and I also love my bossy sister very much! ; )

Love, April

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